CCCAA Basketball Superfan, Joseph Miles

CCCAA Basketball Superfan, Joseph Miles

Not a lot of things remain constant in the world of intercollegiate athletics, especially at the community college level where student-athletes participate for two years and either transfer and/or graduate.

However, there is a constant and it has remained that way since the 1990-91 basketball season. That’s Joseph Miles (JD), a former Navy man, who has attended the annual CCCAA Basketball State Championships for the last 20+ years. It doesn’t matter where the event is taking place, JD has stayed committed to CCCAA Basketball and has become a true fixture and a passionate fan.

JD’s first taste of California Community College basketball came during the 1978-79 season when he attended a Moorpark College regular season tournament. At the time, he was stationed at Naval Air Station Point Mugu in Ventura County and decided to catch some collegiate basketball. In JD’s words, ‘you just can’t beat the price, quality of basketball, and good seats, I was simply hooked.’

JD’s navy career (enlisted Jan. 1950 and retired Feb. 1980) took him all over the world from San Diego, Guam, Japan, San Jose, CA, Point Barrow in Alaska (the northernmost point of all the territory of the United States), Jacksonville, FL, Norfolk, VA, etc.  JD likes to kid that 30 years in the Navy and he only spent 8 months on a ship, the USS Midway. He spent a total of 8 years in Japan and to this day he enjoys visiting the country and is enthralled with the culture and its people.

When asked what his most memorable moments of CCCAA Basketball were he mentioned seeing San Jose City winning the 1996 State championship headed by Virgil Watson, the current LA Valley Coach. As for the women, in 2002 when Ned Mircetic of Ventura College and his Lady Pirates won their third straight State Championship.

Long time CCCAA Basketball Championship Tournament Director, Jim Stephens, kept seeing JD at the championships and convinced him to buy a coaches association pass in order to enjoy the benefits that come with membership. JD being a true basketball aficionado and wanting to support both genders purchased a CCCMBCA and CCCWBCA pass and has done so since the 1993-94 season. Stephens had this to say about JD ‘he is a neat guy, and has some great and funny stories. He’s always supported both the CCCMBCA and CCCWBCA and occasionally even attends coaches’ association specific functions like Hall of Fame lunches and celebration dinners. JD is passionate about basketball and enjoys watching it.’

When not catching basketball games or not at his home in Bronx, New York, the 84 year old JD is traveling all over the world. He has visited all 50 States and has been to 75 countries and counting. His most recent adventure will take him from New York to Taipei, South Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, and a slew of other South East Asian countries.

All of us at the CCCAA would like to salute a true fan for his continuous support of CCCAA Basketball. May we continue to see our friend JD at many future CCCAA Basketball State Championships.